cant add on planes

pikard Guest

ive bought two new add on planes for my flightsim 2004, and an error message keeps coming up when i install them, with some code number like, 9.000.306212
not only does this error come up, but it also shuts down my flightsim, and the only way to get rid of it so my sim starts running again, is to uninstall all of 2004, and start from scratch 😞 .. has anybody else had this problem, is there a fix ?

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BashDaBish Guest

You need to update your FSUIPC which can be found here

Scroll down and follow instructions for FSUIPC 3.47. That should help.


thanks but im not very technical, i get lost in all that, surley there should be a microsoft upadte for flightsim 2004 on the sim itself, who Peter Dowson is I have no idia, and it looks like im gonna have to pay as well, not to worry, I will just take my two planes I got back to the shop for a refund, I never had this trouble with 2002, when I bought a plane to add on, It just loaded on with no trouble, thanks for ya help anyway

BashDaBish Guest's more about navigating a PC.


Step 1 - Download the FSUIPC 3.48 from the link I provided above.
Step 2 - Unzip/Extract the download into it's own folder on your desktop.
Step 3 - Open this new folder and you will see a file in there called FSUIPC.dll, you can ignore the rest.
Step 4 - Copy that file and place it into your Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/Modules folder and agree to overwrite if prompted.

There is no Microsoft update for this. You have to use the updated FSUIPC file as explained above.

If you struggle on this then explain what bit you are not sure of and I or the other users of this site will explain further for you.

BashDaBish Guest

By the way, you may have noticed I called it FSUIPC 3.47 earlier but now refer to it as 3.48....this is because they have updated today 🙄

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if you follow the directions just like it says it will be no problem.

p,ikard Guest

😀 Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so very much BashDaBish, your help has been most appreciated, that was so easy, wow!, am I gonna have fun now, many many thanks, you really have made my day, it now WORKS!!!!!! 🍻 👍 Group Wave

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