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wullie scotland Guest

very quick Q

just bought a PC. I last used flight sim 98 so wee while ago

i am getting a dell P4 2.8ghz, 512 ram, with intels own graphics card

i'm assuming the sim will work ok, not the best possible graphics but i should be able to get a decent display

pc is coming 2moro but i already got the game. couldn't wait.

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Same as my PC before I upgraded my graphics. I got a very good FPS and work just fine. You shouldn't have that many problems


Guest FEM Guest

You've got the same processor as me, i've got more RAM and a better vid card, but when I had the default stuff, it worked just fine.

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Andrew (n287s) Trainee

should work ok. i would put a radeon video card in it

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wullie60 Trainee

i'm now registered here and the computer works fine with everything

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