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As I (think) I remember it, FS98 had a facility for taking screen shots. I don`t seem to be able to find the same in FS2004. Is it there? If not, can any kind person tell me how its done? TIA...Stuart.

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Just hit 'Print Screen' on your keyboard and it will keep an image on the clipboard. Clipboard is something you can't see by the way.......but when you open your image program such as Paint Shop Pro or whatever will allow you to edit images, you will be able to 'paste' that image into the program and save it as a .jpg

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There are also third party programs, like FRAPS, where I believe you can take as many as you want. I usually just use the above method though. I just make sure I get a great shot before I exit. Good luck...


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I have a program that is free you can get it at ➡ It is called wisdomsoft screen hunter free 😉

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You are lucky because the posts above have given you the proper information. Snag some cool screenies and submit them to the gallery when possible. 🙂

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