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FS2004 questions

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Hello. Found this site while researching sim sites. I do have a few questions. I previously had FS2000, but had so many problems with it I gave up. Would really like to get back in it. I hold a private pilot's license but am unable to exercise it due to a medical condition.

Anyway, I have an HP a220n, it has a 2.08GHz athlon processor, 512mb DDR SDRAM, 120 GB hard drive, and an NVidia GeForce 4 mx graphics card with 64 MB.

I have been looking at FS04, and need to match it with a yoke assembly too. Any and all suggestions, ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Bill

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It's sad to see a potential pilot not able to enjoy flight - I hope it's only temporary Smile

I can recommend that you buy your version of FS here:

Also help Fly Away Smile

I definatley recommend the USB Flight Yoke from CH products, details are here:

It has all of the usual features and more. If you are looking for rudder pedals also, check here:

Please feel free to ask more questions and opinions about each of the products.

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flyr56 Guest

flyaway, thanks for all the information and help. Am hoping to get set up in the next couple of weeks. do have a few family matters to take care of. I had a pre 98 version of FS, and it was a struggle. But I now have a computer that can handle it and will purchase the best yoke system i can afford. thanks again, will be on here often i am sure. great site here.
thanks again.....Bill

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Thats no problem - always here to help Smile

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