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Hi. Im very new to this downloading thing and this forum. Embarassed When i try to download an aeroplane i follow the instructions 'unzip into the aircraft folder of FS9' which i do. I can see the file there but when i boot up the Sim i dont have the new aircraft. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks

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When you unzip it, do you have a folder with the new planes name in your aircraft folder?
If so, go into the new planes folder and open up the aircraft.cfg with notepad.
Look for the line- ui_manufactuer=
This will tell you what make it will be listed under in FS9. Sometimes they can be hard to find.
Good luck...

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thanks for the reply. i am unzipping them direct into the aircraft folder. when i look at the aircraft folder prior to booting up FS9 i can clearly see 'B52' or 'VC10' folder. However once in FS9 i go onto 'any' for the aircraft and scroll down and all it gives me are the pre installed examples Idea

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😕 I dont like unzipping directly to fs9 No, No!

Have a read of this ➡

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Don't feel bad Truffs, I gave it up. I've had a few succesful downloads, but the bulk of them have been monumentally offpissing failures. My blood pressure just can't take it anymore. Good luck, or as the Klingons would say going into battle, "Kapla" which means success!

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I had a frustrating time with one aircraft like this.

I eventually found that although the topline folders were there in the Aircrafts folder, and the sub-folders were there in that folder, the contents of the sub folders had not extracted. You dont get error messages from FS2004 about it - just nothing happens.

Check that the "Use Tree" or "Use folders" tick box in your extraction tool is set, or manually extract all the sub-folders also

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