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If I start a new IFR flight, it will put your aircraft right on the runway. I really like to move the plane to a parking gate and save it so that next time I open this flight I will have a cold start and taxi to the runway. Unfortunately if I do so the ATC wont work. So for an IFR flight, I have to create a new flight right on the runway. I just wonder why Microsoft has for so many years never put an option for us to choose whether cold start a flight at gate or warm start at the runway!!

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bring up the ATC using the ~ key (below the esc key on most keyboards)

When you are creating the flight under the "create flight" choose your plane/weather/time/season then choose your selected location. When you pick your airport from the list you will see an option for runway/starting position at the bottom left, choose from that where you want to start within the airport. click ok and you are back at the Create a flight screen. select the flight planner button and select your destination airport and VFR/IFR and your chosen type of navigation. (IMPORTANT NOTE: SOME AIRPORTS AND LANDING STRIPS DO NOT OFFER IFR DEPARTURES) so the IFR or Nav type may not be clickable. If that is the case you must choose another departure airport (and the start point in that departure airport) until IFR and Nav types are choosable. Once that is done say then hit find route and a map will appear along with save-ability, you can save it if ya want to but you arent done. once saved then it will hit OK and it will ask you if you want your aircraft moved to the selected location hit OK and it will take you back to create a flight. now go to fly now. you should be at your selected airport and at your chosen location. now you need to kill the engines and turn all systems off til you have a cold dark airplane. once that is done go to the flight menu (hit alt if you dont see the menu along the top of the screen) and save the flight from that menu. that save will allow you to get back to that exact situation and be able to pull it up from the select a flight under the main menu of FS9. Hope this helps.

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Bottom left of the departure airport dialog form there is a drop listbox which allows you to choose where to start at the departure airport.

By default it is "Active Runway" which will ALWAYS put you on a runway. The terminal gates and the GA parking are always at the bottom of the list.

When you save your flight plan after selecting the Start position from that droplist box, it will always remember.

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I really didnt know this feature: selecting where to start a flight from the airport window. Now I am happy with the ability to choose terminal gate!!!
thanks... 🙂

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