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flight sim restarts computer HELP!

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Elkinallen First Officer

Does anyone else have this?!?!
Sometimes when I select a setting in the fs9 main menu, the mouse click will 'click' repeatedly and then the computer will restart!!!
It began when I slected add scenery from the main menu. About every other time I am in that menu it will restart the computer. It also happens when I select map zoom within the map window. It has also happened twice when selecting aircraft.

Anyone?!?! I would appreciate it!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hard to say without knowing your rig's specs, i.e. Ram, CPU, Video Card, etc. But in general, if your specs are good enough, esp your Ram, it could be as simple as Video driver/DirX need to be reinstalled (but doubt it as this usually just leads to freeze-ups); soooo, I vote for a heat, or power supply problem.
Pop the hood, fire it up and check all fans, including the P.S. fan; shutdown, ground yourself on the case and clean up all dust. etc. If your video card has a fan, don't forget that ! Lastly, (because all of the above is worth doing), Try to remember what you did to your rig right before this problem started, and reverse it. Good Luck, rob

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Elkinallen First Officer

That overheat or power thing sounds good. I think you are right. Thanks for that. I'll check into it.
Thanks again.

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Andrew (n287s) Trainee

sounds like an overheat problem. but if not, it may be a classic case of spyware, adware or a virus.

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