Free flight simulators?

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Just wondered if anyone has had a play with Flightgear? If so what are your thoughts....good or bad?

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No. What is it? 😕

NDYardsheep Guest

What is FLightGear? An open-source flight sim and a whole lot more. It runs on MAC, Nix, Windows, can have external input/output, has worldwide scenery, etc. There is A LOT to this program, yet there is a nice Windows installer to make it simple for those who just want to fly. . I, and my 10 yo son, have used FLightGear, X-Plane and MS Flight Sim 2004, yet we always seem to come back to FLightGear, though MS Flight Sim is certainly more polished in many areas. Yet FlightGear can be used in full size cockpit sims and for training, much like X-Plane can be. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me colonelcr"@" or visit the FlightGear websote. They also have a users & developers list where you can get very good assistance with just about anything.


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