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On Sunday January 4th, 04 I paid for an account using PayPal. Unfortunately, the Activation E-Mail was sent, By my ISP, to a MY SPAM inbox instead of my noraml inbox. I did not recieve notification that it was in there until January 7th, 04. By then it was too late to activate it! I have sent 3 E-mails, 2 to Contact the Team and 1 to the Webmaster's E-Mail that was on my activation address.

I tried to contact avatar (PM) as was suggested in another thread but...I have to sign in to do that, which I can not do! 😳

Is there anything that can be done?

Thanks for the Read!

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Ok, I this is the best thing to do...

Make sure your e-mail address is configured to accept e-mail addresses from all of our flyawaysimulation addresses: *

Then, complete Step 2 again.

Finally, send an e-mail to stating you have done this, and what e-mail address you used. He will then activate your account for you.



Actually I had just recieved an E-mail asking me to complete Step 2 and send an E-Mail to along with my PayPal Transaction number prior to reading your kind Reply.

I sent the E-mail and Transaction Number as directed. Should I also send one as you have suggested?

Reagrds and Thanks,

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

No, just send that one to - personal replies 😉


Great!! I'm in!

Thanks very much to Flyaway and Ryan !


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