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Hi all,

i'm a beginner and want to set autopilot for a flight from Heathrow to JFK. How do I do this?


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First make sure you have a flight plan on your GPS
Turn on the flight director.
Turn the Nav/GPS switch to GPS.
Turn on the Nav hold button.
Set your altitude and turn on the Altitude hold button on.
Turn on The autopilot master switch.

If I misssed anything, feel free to add it.

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Very Happy Select your aircraft
Configure your route via the flight planner and note the flight level

As you start the flight you need to contact ATC
They will tell you the heading and alt you need to fly

Normally ATC will start you off at a lower level,say 10000ft

Set the Alt to 10000,speed to 250 and climb rate .....Dependant on what you are flying

Once you are in the air just click the A/P on(make sure that the HDG and ALT lights are lit.Also switch on the A/T (auto throttle) and the SPD swich

Now just foll the ATC instructions by adjusting the heading and alt knobs

Once above 10000ft increase speed
As you get higher,you have to lower your climb rate,again this depends on the aircraft

On long haul use the GPS and NAV switches


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