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Is there a way say i want to setup a flight from Heathrow to JFK where I can just leave it on autopilot and it will take me straight to JFK?


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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

the learning center can help you with these things. If you plan your flight in the flight planner, all the coordinates should be in your GPS. Set your cruise altitude in the Autopilot altitude space and click the ALT button. Take off and climb to cruise altitude, switch to GPS, select the NAV button and engage autopilot. Good luck

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yea where you switch from the NAV and GPS mode you switch to GPS mode and hit the NAV hold on the autopilot and it will take you there

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Just to take you on to the realms of the possible....

Assuming the GPS 500, if you hit the PROC button you can select the runway approach at the destination, activate the approach and the vectors to approach and set the NAV1 to the runway ILS frequency. The autopilot will fly all the way there and execute the airport approach to bring you in to the ILS glidepath at 2000' AGL.

As you see the VOR centring and you catch the ILS, you click the NAV/GPS switch to NAV and click the APP button on the autopilot and the autopilot will fly the glideslope for you too. You have to remember to slow down and deploy gear and flaps, but speed can be controlled by the IAS function on the autopilot too.

You only need to flare at last minute to complete the flight and then thrust-reverse.

You can also engage the TO/GA switch and the thing will take off for you also.

I have flown the MD-80 from Johannesburg to Cape Town and back, touching the yoke twice only for about 10 secs!

Whats the point? My virtual passengers get a much smoother ride, and I don't have to clean up all the virtual sickbags after my diabolical skills on the flight controls!

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