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EZ landmark frame rate hit

kodiakman9 Guest

I have EZ landmark for 2002 and 2004. I have noticed that in the 2004 program, that I am experience extreme frame rate drops when I have this program on, which I did not experience at a high level in 2002.

I have adjusted the detail for EZ from high to low, and I have not noticed a difference.

Is there anyway to correct this problem?


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So, am I correct in saying that EZ Landmark is fully compatible and designed for use in FS2004? What graphics card are you using and what version of DX?


I am using EZ 2004

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Not too sure myself - could be a graphics card problem. What card are you running? Have you upgraded anything recently? I noticed that this post is in the 'Site Bugs' section. Please pay more attention to where you post things in future, this post does not really belong here. Wink

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