Jet engine rumble

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i am always excited to hear the jet rumble whenever I go to the airport. I am not sure if you can hear this in SF2004 with a good soundcard. My sound card is an integrated one, never paid attention to sound quality before, and I dont hear any rumble from my card.....
I use a heavy duty head set, if there is the rumble from the soundcard I should hear it, or maybe I can set up a subwoofer to simulate this sound....

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I can "feel" the sound from my subwoofer when a designer puts a good sound file in his aircraft. I've never used earphones, I never really thought about doing it.
Go into your sound cards control panel and reset it for 3 speakers if you buy another.


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most motherboards nowadays have a pretty decent interlaced sound card onboard. I was having the same trouble not getting that good low end thru my high quality headphones. i fiddled with my sound settings in windows first to get a good balance from music and such then in FS9 i went to my sound settings and turned everything down to about half way, engines even lower. then i maxed out my enviornment slider and i got a pretty good feeling of reality now. the rumbles come thru fine with that enviornment setting under your sound settings.

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well if you are talking about in the plane, it will depend on what sounds you have and how good quality they are.

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