I need help on how to add the downloads to my game

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To all you fs2004 users i am in desperate help on how to add my planes and their sounds to my game the only plane i was able to put to my game is the a319 and i did not get the panel right and i dont have the complete Cockpit view when i look to the right i dont see the other chair and all i see is the wing and when i look to the left all i see is the wing and not the window edge also i tryed downloading the crj900 and i was unsucesful since my panel for this plane was not working and i did not have instruments and the sound really didnt kow if it was right so the major question to you guys out their iS (HOW DO I DOWLOAD A PLANE AND ADD IT ON TO THE GAME AND HAVE THE COMPLETE PLANE AND INSTRUMENTS AND SOUND RIGHT?)IF YOU CAN E-MAIL ME TO CRUISEBOY22@YAHOO.COM WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THIS ASAP I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH GUYS.

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Have you tried the flightsim manager? I have installed alot of aircraft and scenery with it and they all run fine. Here is the link to it.

Hope it helps you.

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That link didn't work so just e-mail me and I will send you the program if ya want it.

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Have you tried reading the readme that comes with the plane? And if you used some full stops your paragraph would be a whole lot easier to read O_o

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