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Sorry guys i still need help

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i would like to see if some one can do a 123 step so that i can download 3 types of planes a319,md-80,crj900 and i would also would like the ground crew (Ramp agents servicing airplane while in the gate) and i would like to also see if some one can give me a 123 step on how to add it on to the game anyone think they can help!!!!!!!! i am really a dork when it comes to this its my first time downloading planes so i know nothing about this i need major help mayday!!!!!!!! asap. im getting frustrated. Crying or Very sad .thanks

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This should help, only load one aircraft at a time in case something is wrong.
If you have other questions, please ask.


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mrbuggerman wrote:

i am really a dork when it comes to this

Don't degrade yourself. After all we were all once new and had the same problem.

I don't know if this is much help but RM or TTT [one of them] once recommended a download manager for me to be able to do multiple download tasks at once. A dowload manager is mainly for Dial-up users. You took the words out of my mouth for the ground crew question.

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