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Pilot Instructors Needed Urgently!!!!

Glenn McLoughlin Guest

BlueJet Virtual are looking for a dozen Pilot Instructors with at least 1 years experience on the Boeing 737-400, good pay, cheap virtual insurance, and hey, we have even thrown in a FREE aircraft (private) for you to get some precious hours in!!!!! Log onto and click on Pilot Instructor in the drop down box which says Virtual Career, on the Sign Up link of the website, thanks Wink

Pro Member Captain
Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I tried to sign sign up but I got no reply so i'm not to sure how desperate you guys are.

Richard Lavender Guest

well as a Bluejet member i happen to be enjoting the project, and the last thing the VA needs is slagging people off like you have just did, you obviously havnt been reading the news saying that we have run into a little problem with the PIREP and sign up links, will be up and running as soon as though mate Wink

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

the VA ALSO doesn't need negative management people. He was just asking a question. Naturally if it's a new VA, he may have a few/.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I would but I don't have an e-mail address yet. Crying or Very sad

Glenn McLoughlin - CEO Guest

Thanks Fire Emblem Wink

JVD isnt putting no effort into the VA anyway, he has been a member now since it opened and not ONE MINUTE has been logged yet!!!!!

And actually, since i have been getting more pilots in (13 to date) people are starting to enjoy it as they are starting to match make and make new friends to fly even scheduled flights with!

I have also found a new register and web form host which now gives me unlimited forms and makes it easier for the VA pilots to post their PIREP in the website.

BUT, in the next 7-14 days BlueJet Virtual Airlines will soon be linked up with the SATA VIRTUAL team that have built and hosted the award winning VA TOOL, the FS_ACARS. We should have that installed onto our Flight log database and will make it easier for both me, the web team, flight directors and especially the pilots : )

May i just say to JVD or anybody else that would like to make fun of the VA, but although its a freewebs, it doesnt matter what host you are using, you still have to co-operate with the members, and even though there is only 13 so far, it still takes me hours to sort them all out in one day, now if thats 20 minutes time took for each new pilot, and they ask me 3 questions in one day for all the pilots, how long would that be... eh think about it, yes it does take up a lot of my time aswell but i have devoted myself and have now turned it into a major hobby, hopefully once i have registered myself with a credit card soon, i will be able to start buying payware services which will boost the sites rep. more!!!

Just a little post i have to make but if there are any pilots that know the following planes inside out please contact me (
if you would like to join as a Pilot Instructor:

ALPHA FLEET - Boeing 737-400

BRAVO FLEET - Boeing 747-400


DELTA FLEET - TriStar L1011

ECHO FLEET (FTS) - Cessna 182S & C208b Grand Caravan

FOXTROT FLEET - Extra 300s (this is known as FOXTROT fleet and only 9 pilots are needed, it is the airlines stunt show and will open very soon, contact the V-CEO Alex Corbin ( if you would like one of 9 places in the 'FOXTROTS' aerobatics team.

GULF FLEET (will open very shortly, for more info log into for more information on the upcoming G Fleet)

Thanks for reading this guys and i hope to see more of you in the VA very soon : )

Glenn McLoughlin
Cheif Executive Officer
BlueJet Virtual Airlines

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Ok, I just signed up Wink

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, I'm trying to put lots of effort into the VA but I just can't sign in with my ID and my email is down for some strange reason [you must be thinking "excuses , excuses ]. Embarassed


well because we made BIG changes to the database, i would sign up again (dont worry you will not have to wait, i have now got an autoresponder to confirm straight away Smile so sign up again, log into the forum, click on register and that also is an automatic registration Smile
more good news, in the next say 2 weeks i will have a brand new server on its way so BlueJet 24/7 MP servers will be open for online flights/fligh plans:)

Glenn McLoughlin Guest

hey JVD mate, so did you get the email i sent you, it should have all the details you need to get started Smile and hope to see you flying very soon Smile

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I got the Email and I'm going to be helping and flying a little more often now. I must say i'm quite excited. Very Happy Cheers! Very Happy

BlueJet CEO Guest

yes i am looking forward to seeing you and flying with you in the VA, and i am very glad you are excited. But even though you are V-SA (Site Administrator) you will have to file as many flights as you can in order to get the VA's virtual income at a higher rate, officers tend to also put thier extra vcash into the virtual stock exchange market, and even contribute their v$ to buy new airport gates and or HUBS.

I hope you can file a few flights soon, and if you want we can do an online flight plan using our MP server host - UKATC - ill see you later Jonathan Wink

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Do you have a downloads section for the repaints of these aircraft?

Glenn McLoughlin -CEO Guest

Yes we do have a downloads section now, as we have rebuilt the whole website (NO LONGER FREEWEBS!!! YAY) but unfortunately we do not have any repaints as of this month, the V-CEO just managed to find a painter and he should finish off the whole fleet within the next 10 weeks (cross fingers). If you know of anybody that will be offering to paint the fleet can you drop me a post, preferably in the BlueJet forum

Thanks Wink

Glenn McLoughlin
BlueJet Virtual Airlines

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