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Does anyone know any proper very good tutorial for landing and flying to different places and countries with boeings and other jets such as Airbus? The maneul and the lessons in the learning center seem to confusing and there is so much text, it it all very confusing, I was something more understandable and simple. 🙂

It'll be awesome if anyone helps 🙂

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You gotta learn to fly, man! It takes time and practice ...

I'm not sure I know for a more simple way than the lesson and "to much text", but what you could do is pay a visit to the Learning Center and aircraft information. Click on any jet you want, then click flight notes (or whatever there is on the top of the page) and start reading. Take a small piece of paper and copy only the basic things like speeds, flap conditions and so ...
Make just a few sentences and then start flying according to what you copied.
It's what I used to do when I wanted to fly airplanes not covered by the Flying Lessons.

Maybe this isn't much help, but what the heck!
Try it out.


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Actually, it does help a little, thanks 🙂

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Well you need to learn the types of system and radio navigation systems to understand the text that explains how to land the Boeings and stuff. Do the Lessions in the Checkride in the ATP for landing ILS. If that is confusing, you need to read ILS systems in the Learning Center, for example.

Biggest thing is it takes time, especially flying and learning the big mommas. Landing, take-off, turning, all depend on the weight of the plane, and the Boeings and Airbus all have big ass's 😂

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