What are your best eye catching approaches?

BashDaBish Guest

Just wondering what approaches are good for a spot of scenic viewing?

I will try as many of them as I can and hopefully I can get some good screenies 😀

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I'd say La Palma [Freeware by Canary Sim] and Kai Tak.

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horrgakx First Officer

Any with add-on scenery, I'd say. I've got 3 MegaScenery (US) and 5 of the GeoRender series (inc. Emma Field) and they are stunning too.


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Elkinallen First Officer

Old Hong Kongs Kai Tak rwy 13 approach.

spuddi Guest

I turned the date back to 1996 and went into kai tak to see if the airport was open but unfortunately not.

SoCalRick Guest

I find the Bacolod approach in the following freeware scenery to be absolutely gorgeous:

That's "Bacolod SuperScenery with Full Animations v2005"; you'll see a harbor with people aboard boats that are rocking in the waves, birds flying, moving vehicles and people at the airport, trees blowing, etc. It's borderline "kitschy," but fun.

SoCalRick Guest

I thought of a good one for default scenery, and this is worth saving so that you can load it up to show non-FS folk: "Las Vegas New Year's Eve approach."

Use a lightweight GA plane such as the default Cessna, set your weather to clear, position your aircraft at North Las Vegas (KGVT) on runway 12R, and set the date/time to December 31/23:59:00. Your destination airport will be KLAS. Save this as a flight plan or saved flight so you can amaze your friends.

When you are on the runway, note that you can see the Stratosphere hotel on the right of your screen. At midnight the fireworks begin there. Take off and bank right slightly so that you fly through the fireworks. Don't forget to point out to the Luxor's spotlight to your amazed audience! You can see the runways at McCarren just ahead on the right, but after buzzing the Stratosphere you may want to turn toward the strip and land there instead. Wink

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