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ATC problem

Pro Member Captain
SamIntel Captain

I was flying the c-172 around at my local airport, HLN. I was told to take off of rwy 27(the main rwy), but we also have a rwy 34. The wind was 014, at 4. In real life when I'm taking a flight lesson we use 34, but in FS they make me use 27, regaurd less of the wind. Is this a game mess up, or is just the crappy ATC. Sad

Pro Member Chief Captain
CRJCapt Chief Captain

Your correct to use runway 34. If the winds are less than 5 knots, real ATC will sometimes clear you to a runway that has a tailwind component. This is usually because the runway is very long or it is in use because it has the best navaids installed in conjuction with it. Sometimes it's just the runway that they perfer for thier traffic flow. You are the Pilot and they only clear you to a runway. You can request another runway and/or refuse to use the one they want you to. They should give you a reason why you can't use another runway. If the tailwind componet or size of the runway is not within you comfort level, don't take off. I know that this is an old post that never was answered. I hope that you see this. Just trying to help were I can. Smile

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