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I purchased a panel from Sky-Decks and now I am having a problem with freez framing. I am very satisifed with the download except for this problem. My computer has a pendium 4 processor with a NVIDIA G-Force graphics card and 256 meg ram. I have only 12.4 Gigibytes on a 120 Gigibyte system. If anyone has any ideas as how to solve this problem I would be very greatful for the help. Thanks!

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😞 You are very low on Ram
The new panel is using more ram,so with the external graphics and now the internal gfx,you are running low on system memory
the ideal solution would be to double the ram with another stick of 256mbs,more if your system will take it,as this is the most cost effective upgrade for anyone to do
If that is not an option then you will have to try and lower the gfx slidders in fs9 settings

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Thanks! I thought that might be the problem. Will take your advice and let you know how it worked.

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