Positioning Aircarft on Aproach with FS2004

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how do i Positioning Aircarft on Aproach with FS2004, to practise landings

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You could use the map or slew mode.

Slew mode: press "y", then move your aircraft around with your joystick and change it's direction with the numlock off by pressing "1" to move rotate left and "3" to rotate right.

Map press "alt" then go to view,map and once you are in map mode move your little stick plane around to the position you want it to be in.The Map has a panel on the left that allows you to change the speed,altitude etc..

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Take off and climb to whatever you fancy(lets say 6000ft).Now do a 180 deg turn and fly past the airport you just took off from.
When you get about 15 miles past the airport do another 180 deg turn.
Now hit Alt and save,give it a name and there you have an instant landing ready to be perfected 😉

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