Authorities evacuate White House

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A cessna 150 flew into restricted airspace over DC. He got a Black Hawk and two F-16's to escort him down. The pilot and the student were arrested.
Here's the CNN story:

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Yesterday morning, and completely harmless.


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

They were taken into custody, but not charged with anything. Apparently they were "lost" while flying VFR. Slightly strange though that you wouldn't know that you're flying over DC, or that you wouldn't see the dozens of flares and military aircraft trying to get you out of the airspace. Meh, we've all had those moments in the simulators though, I've certainly had plenty of VATSIM controllers giving me some comments while watching me on their radar before!

I have to laugh thinking of fighter jets actually being able to keep up with a cessna to escort it! I didn't realize that they could maintain such a low airspeed.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I love to watch these fowl-ups. ROFL ROFL I'm just glad they never arrested the student because he probably didn't know that that was restricted airspace.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Sure, it would by easy to get lost out there...give 'em a break. It is not like there are and recognizable land marks around DC or anything. LOL

Don Wood Guest

There's more on the story today. The 69 year-old instructor apparently "froze" when approached by the military aircraft and the 30-hour student pilot took over and landed. FAA says they will take enforcement action. I would guess the instructor's license is toast (and I think it should be) and I would guess the student pilot will be subjected to some FAA counseling but will not have any stronger action taken.

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Paiute First Officer

Apparently these two guys didn't do any flight planning at all. The student said "I hope we can avoid the "no fly" zones. All they had to do was fly due south from Lancaster Smoketown airport until they were south of the Wash. DC area, then turn to the southwest to get to Lumberton, NC. I don't know the range on a Cessna 152, but they would probably have had to land for fuel at least once on that flight. I wonder if they picked out an airport where they would refuel? Also, I wonder what kind of weather briefing they got for the route of their flight.

The FAA found out that they were using an out of date sectional chart. "Strike one" for the flight instructor. They failed to contact ATC before penetrating "Class B" airspace. Strike two. They ignored the F-16 escort for some time, then they finally got on the 121.5 emergency frequency to talk to someone.

They are yanking the instructor's license. That will be good for the rest of us. It's time for him to "pack it in". The days of barnstorming are long gone. 🙄

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

They should have seen the famous land marks and known they were lost. 😕 I think there was something fishy about that. If they were lost they should have contacted ATC for help.

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