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Hello Anyone able to help.

Often when I am on final approach in the regular cockpit view I will use the "W" key to reduce the instrumentation to provide a good view of the runway. On earlier versions this worked well as smaller circular instruments were displayed along the bottom of the screen giving a great view of what was ahead.

In FS 2004 when I do this in certain aircraft, eg. the Lear and Boeings, massive rectangular displays are now used and, of course, the programmers placed them right in the center along the bottom of the screen totally destroying the view of the runway.

I have downloaded some aircraft that have much smaller instruments being displayed when I use "W" and my question is this: What and where do I edit something to make the displays I do not like in the problem aircraft use the reduced instruments when "W" is used from the aircraft having what I want. I want the plane in question to keep its regular cockpit display and only change the reduced instrument display.


Alan R

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😀 Hello

You can change the size of the main panel by clicking your mouse at the top the panel and dragging it down then resize the main view(If cant find the edge of the panel click your mouse on a part of the panel with no gauge's or switches and you will see the outline)

You should be able to fly with with the full(resized)panel in view

Hope this helps

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