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Is it possible to have a right side view on another monitor in fs2004?
Was thinking of getting A FX 5900 ultra card and another monitor.

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I am having multiple monitor display for several weeks. I just tried right now what you asked about. It is working. But before spending money I may advise you to do some previous test.

Opening a second window in flight sim4 is a big hit on FPS .Transferring the picture to a second monitor not helping at all. Now at your fs mainly there are two categories of windows: dynamic like (what you asking abaut) and more static like :the main panel, radio stack and...

There is no problem to transfer the static items to the second monitor and having a good full view at the main monitor . that what I did. At the sec monitor you can enlarge the panels

BTW:I have two separated cards AGP and a cheap PCI one($1😎. I don't know how to work with a dual output card.

ciwid Guest

Thank you. I was hopeing that the card would take care of the fps but maybe not. I'm using a pent 4 1.6 ghz. with a geforce4 mx440 with agp8x and lately fps is 15-18. Seems like when I started with flight sim it ws higher. I don't think I would want any less.
It would be cool to have a right and left view plus the cockpit out the front all moving along but maybe that is not possible with out spending more than an actual plane. I am still amazed at how real it is . This was just a side line to getting the PC but I have lost a couple of weeks to this flight sim already. Was -35 degrees C so not to bad to be inside.

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Do not give up so fast. It is very nice for other things like having 2 display screens (word and excel or on internet or any other ..)
!.Are you sure you don't have an onboard sec video card?
2.Can't you buy a card and monitor at a place it is possible to return it?

my e-mail is and I am living 2 hours est of London(GMT+2) so around My 6 o'clock pm usually you can have me on chat

BTW: I have the same card with 800 Mhz comp with similar or better performance. (you can improve your FRP by taking several steps)

Opening a sec window like side view with that card on the same monitor
I have drop of frame rate from 14 to 8

Is your comp has dual sys setup(xp & win-9😎 ?What is your internal memory (board and card)?

ciwid Guest

I have pluged in an old video card from my old pc an s3 virge. my PC recognizes it but I don't know what to do from here.
Is only fs2004 have the 2 monitor option? I'm still on 2002.
There is a sv out and a tv out on my geforce card ...can they be used for anything.
Also I would like to fly on line if that is possible on my dial up line.
Flew all over British Columbia tonight.

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To Civid

As I wrote to you before some major applications working fine with dual monitor. I use it to view 2 windows like excel and word and transferring data from one to other and much more

If you looking for signs for operating under dual monitor, from very beginning the mouse dot can move from one monitor to the other.

You can find setup instructions in the internet. Basically all the setup has to be done in control panel->display and nothing to do with fs9 setup.
One of te addresses is --How to setup and troubleshoot multiple monitor
Later on when you will ba able to move the mouse from monitor to monitor and you will need help what to do on flight sim I will write to you what I did

At previous message I asked you what is you memory on main board and your main card. To write you what I think about your questions I have to know that.

I also asked you if for any chance you have win_98 installed on your com as a second operating sys As i wrote to you you may communicate with me on my e_mail

If you have a fast internet access (at list 750 kb) you may communicate or fly on line but I tried and I was very lousy

I just a few weeks ago I had very similar questions about using multi monitor and I had the same hesitations. I had that dream for "looking out on left monitor for left view and right monitor for right view". For the time being I believe I have to give up a big part of the dream

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