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Im kinda a newb to FS.
For some reason there is no Cotrol Tower talk at all in my game. i ve tried all game types, checked settings etc. nothing works. also i cant control my aircraft on the ground, i cant turn it at all until im in the air. im using a CH Virtual Pilot Pro. Thanks for any help

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I am afraid your going to have to furnish your machines stats before anybody here can provide you with help. This could be any number of things froma bad install to ram amounts, to hard drive space, etc...


P4 2.4 GHZ
GeForce FX 5200 128 MB Video Card
512 MB RAM
Windows XP

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Check and see if you have it turned on in the setting of the sim and check out the link below. If so, raise the volume.;en-us;177252

Let us know how you do.



Im sorry i mistated myself. there is no Air Traffice Control at all, its not just voices but text also. i checked settings and its all turned on.

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Did you ever have it.
Did you press the key above the "Tab" key the one with the ~ tilde.


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