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Incomplete download files

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I am having trouble downloading a complete aircraft that works. Most downloads seem to be just re-paints or just panels etc. - anything but a complete package, and I can't seem to figure out from the download descriptions whether the package will work as is, or whether you need something else first to which it is to be added, and if so, what and where is the main complete package.
I always look at the readme file and follow the instructions, and still don't have a working craft. I've used Flightsim Manager, and it usually tells me there are missing items, like gauges, panels, etc.
For instance, I've tried to get an A340. One download from this sight seems to say it is a complete package, but there are no gauges. So I download another file which says it is gauges, and I put all the .gau files into the main gauges folder, but I still get no gauges on the original plane. This sort of thing happens on almost all downloads I try.
Is there some way of understanding all of this, including what goes with what?
Thanks for your help.

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Some of the discriptions are not that good with d/loads

Search Avsim for A340 under original aircraft for 2004 and you should get plenty
The Posky aircraft are normally complet,but can be bettered with sounds

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Like TTT said there are plenty of good ones at POSKY.


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