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I've been playin the game for about a week now, started with keyboard, then picked up the X45,...which I've seen for many months and always wanted an excuse to buy. Now I cant imagine going back to keyboard.

One slight problem that i had way the Rotary Dial on the bottom of the Throttle Control. Can't seem to set that for many controls. Tried the elevator trim, and the prop rpm, and it doesnt seem to work with them, while the top rotary dial works them both fine. Lookin for anyone that has run into this also and knows a way to work around it.

Also, if anyone knows of a site with some control configurations for this controller, or you'd like to offer your own that'd be great to.

So far I'm still going through the training, and been playing around with the baron, finding myself needing alot more buttons set for the extra controls the cessna never had.

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Go to the sensitivities setup in the control options and set null zone to 0 or very low, also set sensitivity higher for the Rotary Switch. The X45 works great in FS9. You should have no problems, I have Rotary Switch 1 set to Elevator Trim, Rotary 2 to Prop Trim, and use the Throttle Slider as Throttle. FS9 can have all 6 of the X45's axis function independently without conflict.

Just so you know this is not the case with CFS2 and CFS3. For whatever reason, I am working on it, the Throttle Slider and Rotary Switch 1 are both listed as "Throttle Slider" by the programs. If Rotary 1 is assigned to anything it will be removed from the contorller options and not function. I have contacted Saitek and they have no fix as it is a problem with the software for CFS2&3 not the hardware. Only 5 axis can be assigned in the CFS's, Rotary Switch 1 is lost.

Also for really good FS9 files go to: it has tons of stuff for free.

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Thanks for the reply,...i did eventualy figure that sensitivity thing out. Still gettin the kinks out adjusting each one to work for me.

I ended up with the same controls you have for the throttle and rotary dials, workin good so far.

Thanks...going to check out that sight.

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