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error with WINZIP

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Hi I have WINZIPv8.1 and i'm trying to download addons for FlightSim2004COF,any type of planes,scenery and so on. My problem is after downloading what ever .zip files(planes,scenery,addons) when i try to open the .zip file downloaded i get a message:
(Cannot open file;it does notappear to be a Valid archive. If you downloaded this file,try again). I have upto 5 times on diferent times and days.
I don't have a clue to what to do next.
I have downloaded from other sites for other games,programs ect, that required .zip format(WINZIP) and have had no problems.
just in case below is system info;
640mb ram
AGP,4x,GEForce5200 128mb
all drivers i can reasure they are current.
Can anyone help a fellow flyer? please
wolph36 ❓

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Has anyone helped you with this yet? I'm completely stuck as well???

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I must have missed this post before.

Is this happening with all downloads or just one.
Are or is the download from here.

If you can give me the exact name and zip, I would like to try it.


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