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Problems with downloaded aircraft & sound errors

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horrgakx First Officer

Hi, I had a look at some movies from and they have a SUPERB F16 movie.

I've signed up on this website and downloaded some of the stunning planes available! However I've got 2 versions of the F16 from here, both look superb outside, but neither version contains a cockpit and there's no afterburner...

Can anyone tell me where I can get some fast jets which look great inside & out please? Such as the F16 in the video linked above.


Ibocpro Guest

Check out for tons of full fuction planes, scenery etc. Best of all they are 100% free. They do have some payware updates in the files but not many.

Also check good planes there also and in catorgories, also 100% free.



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horrgakx First Officer

Thanks for the links.
I got an F18 Hornet which is very good, if incredibly un-realistic (0-200 in a couple of seconds and if you put the spoilers out mid-flight you can bring the plane to a standstill in a few seconds).

Good sites, thanks.


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