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I rcently purchased ultimate traffic for fs2004. Overall I can tell its a very good addon but there are some very annoying things that can ruin the game. The AI traffic are so stupid! They make no effort to avoid you, or decide to go-around at the last possible moment. Several times on approach I've had planes come in from behind and crash into me. The last time I got crashed into it was because I was given permission to taxi into position and hold. However, when I taxied into position and was waiting for takeoff clearance an aircraft on approach came in low and crashed into me before going around!! Why wasn't it told to go around earlier?!! These problems may have existed before I got ultimate traffic, but I may have only noticed now due to the increased traffic. Does anyone know of anything I can download to stop this problem? Its a shame because it ruins a brilliant game. 😞

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i got ultimate traffic also. ive had problems with ai planes also. but i never had a plane crash into me from behind ive had planes pile up on each other i was completely shocked.

ive had 6 or 7 planes try to land at the same time it was terrible. try to change the setings. also if u had the default traffic turned to 100% with ultimate trafic u can turn it down to maybe 10% or even turn it off completely. and also adjust ur UTraffic density in the UT setup box. Oh yeah only have traffic were u fly for instance if ur flyin in the usa turn off UT in every country exept the USA.

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I've also had the problem with several planes landing at the same time. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try. 😀

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Seems like a justification for air-to air missle systems and tail gunners...

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The second time I installed Ultimate traffic, there were tons of parked aircraft, but hardly any AI traffic moving around at all! I was cleared to takeoff and land instantly. There seemed to be more traffic moving around in O'Hare airport before I installed UT 😕 🙄

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Move your traffic slide to 100%, you'll take a FPS hit but then you can start adjusting it down.


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I dont use UT but Traffic2004 and it takes about 10/15 mins to warm up.
If I tried to taxi to the runway straight away there will be a queue,so I speed up the sim to x4 for a minute or so,just to get everyone else into the air

Andy2005 Guest

Thanks for the response guys. I wonder if it is possible to to fix air to air missiles to a 747? 😂
Anyway, I think I'll give TTTs tip a try to clear some of the traffic because often there are planes that should have already departed but don't until you start the simulator. Sometimes there are planes that should have departed over half an hour before.

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