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I have downloaded and printed TM's Advanced Tutorial 1.01. Not know one thing about FMC I eagerly went to page 23 and began my journey of flying my PMDG 737NG. Being a little slow mentally, I went line by line to install my trip from St. Louis to Charlotte. Page 25 went perfectly. Then I turned the page and went to DEPARTURE PAGE(S).
1. TM's Departure page has 5 sids all with addendums such as HILTS,IIU,BDF,CAP, LEBOY. Mine has 4 sids (I guess that is what you call them). Blues 2, Cards4, Lindy2, Ozard3.
2. TM's page has 1/6 in the upper right corner while mine has 1/2.
3. When I hit next page I get Turbo4. TM doesn't mention this.
4. TM says when runway is selected <ACT> will be by the runway.
5. TMsays to press next page until we come to page 3 of 6. As I
only have 2 page when I hit next page I get Turbo 4.
6. Page three has LINDY2.MAW. I have LINDY2 but cannot find
LINDY2.MAW anywhere.
At this point in the tutorial I have to stop because I do not have nor do I have any way of inserting the directed information following the departure page.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What in the world is my post doing in AIRCRAFT....I was in Metzingers area and wrote the post there...and I end up in this one where no one will be interested in this problem.

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Hey, you should post this at this site There are alot of q&a there about pmdg 737.


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