hi to all and a question...

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hi to all!

after have taken a look on some posts and threads I decided to write directly with a (stupid?!?) question.

Is it possible to create an EXTERNAL FRONT VIEW on a couple of monitors?

my setup is:
ASUS P4P800S (with last drivers), PIV 3.02 Ghz northwood, 1GBRAM, Radeon X800PRO 256 AGP Sapphire, Hercules Game Theater XP, 2x19' analog monitors (CRT), Win XP pro, Joy MS force feedback 2, CH pro pedals USB, FS2004, FSglobal2005 (76m. resolution map pf the entire world).

in additon... any hint on the best resolution/refresh freq/setup info for the X800PRO?

have I to use powerstrip in order to create a "doubled resolution"? I just need the EXTERNAL VIEW splitted on the two screens, of course I will not use the second monitor for the cockpit/gauges...

Rorox from Italy

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sorry i really dont have the answer for you. but may I ask you a couple questions instead?
I am instereted in FS Globe 2005, but wonder, does it really make some difference? do you think its worth the price? does it slow down your machine?

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

thank you very much for now!

concerninc FS2005... it does NOT slow down the PC, at least in my configuration.... I run at 1600x1200, obtain some 50 hz with anti-aliasing and bilinear filter (all the resolution features are setted to maximum)

and....yes, at least for me, many scenery are really different, and you'll notice it specially on the mountains

I tested it yesterday night, fliying on the gran canyon and death valley and the effect.... is quite different, IMO.


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