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US Airspace

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I was just watching a film which had the US airspace on the Atlantic Ocean starting about 15 miles from the east coast. Is this correct? If so, who "owns" the rest of the airspace?

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i thogut 12 nautical miles was the range, according to the internations laws, it applies to every nation by the sea. the space beyond is the international space,.....


Maybe it was just particular airspace to that "Centre". ie When you fly from Leeds to Belfast at some point previous to flying over Ireland you will be transferred to "Belfast Approach" this can be some distance away.

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Right, 12 nautical miles but that's for ships do you suppose aircraft are different. I don't think so.


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Thanks everyone 🍻

Don Wood Guest

The 12 mile limit is nautical miles which equates to about 13.8 statute miles. However, that's not the end of the story.

The United States, for defensive reasons, declares Air Defense Identification Zones around the perimeter of the country. In some places, the ADIZ extends as far as 200 miles off shore. Aircraft entering that space inbound must be on a flight plan and be in contact with air traffic control.

These zones are identified on aviation navigation charts. If you want to see a couple of F-16's up close and personal, penetrate an ADIZ without a flight plan or ATC contact.

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