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I would first like to apologize to all that I'm posting a topic which pretty-much isn't for everybody, but I know how hard it may feel when your FS is broken so you can't enjoy the thrill of being in the air.

Somebody had an error while installing the FS2004, saying that the hard disk is full or something. It happened to me as well, so I finally took my PC to a man who could fix my FS. There seemed to be a lot of viruses (again) so he cleaned it up (and God knows what else he did) and now - my FS is successfully installed and is working perfectly fine!!!

What a joy!

You could try doing the similar thing as well.

Hope I helped to somebody.

PS: downloads could infect your PC as well!

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A good point Bartholomew

You should always virus check your d/loads before opening them

Fortunately the FS scene seems to be pretty much virus free as I have been d/loading for Umm... a long time and never had a dodgy d/load for FS

Things to be very careful with is P2P music and other files

And remember its no good having your A/V program upto date if you dont run it from time to time(I know it takes a long time but let it scan your H/Ds every so often 🙄 )

A lot of rubbish collects in temporary folders which you can empty via internet options which can be found under tools at the top of this page(if you use MS IE)Just hit delete files and cookies and all the trash is gone

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Well, maybe the viruses aren’t caused by the downloading, as you are not the only person to say that even many years of downloading never caused a virus. The last time I had my PC cleaned up, I had over 200 of them! I just hope the Real World Weather doesn’t make a problem because I don’t like to fly under the conditions I made myself: firstly, because I don’t know what would be the appropriate altimeter. It’s pretty-much never 29.92, and I also don’t know how to cover the whole sky with clouds so that I can’t see the ground.

How do you do the virus check before opening the downloaded file, anyway?


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When you D/load it will go to a temp folder or one you have made yourself,when the d/load has finished it will give you the option to open folder or open file, allways click open folder and not the d/load
Now you should see all your D/loads and the newest one will be highlighted
Now right click the d/load and select scan

You should be ok with D/loading real weather 👍 As its on a dedicated server with no access to the public to upload

Some web sites have trojans in them which go straight to the internet tem folder which can be easily deleted as described above

Virus's have to be opened by you to cause any damage and will come via a e-mail attachment(even if you know who its from,SCAN it.Your friend may not know he is infected) or a d/load
Dialer programs are another thing to be aware of.Its ok if your on broadband,but if you use dial up to connect check all running programs via Ctrl+Alt+?Del and have a look for anything that should not be there

Hope it helps

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