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Jared Captain

Ok so I was considering getting the Captain Sim 727. I would just like to ask anone who owns this plane some questions.

1. How big is the download size off their website?
2.Does the weather radar actually work?
3. Wen i pay for it do i get sent a link to download it of is it like Flight1 where you get sent a code?
4. how is the plane in general?
Thanks for your help

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Jared...

I think you might be getting confused between the Captain Sim 727 and the Dreamfleet 727, as the Captain Sim plane does not have a Wx Radar but the Dreamfleet plane does...

I have the Captain Sim and it's fantastic but I have the CD so not sure on download size.

Don't yet have the Dreamfleet plane 😂

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Sorry to disagree with you David, but the CaptainSim 727 does indeed have a weather radar. You can turn it on see a return. Unfortunately, it is just “eye candy” and has not a thing to do with the weather conditions through which you will be flying.

In this screenshot, the WX radar is in test mode.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Well pointed out Kurt, yes I suppose that's maybe what Jared had seen and was asking about. As you said, it's really just there for the visuals, whereas the new 727 (dreamfleet) has a working WX radar developed by specialists "Reality XP".. 😀

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Jared Captain

well if i would get one of the two it would probably be the dreamfleet cause its newer, but the Captain sim looks more detailed. but since i got the pmdg 737. im only gonna stick with that plane for my commercial routes. but i have been look at the CaptainSim C-130. one of my favorite planes. does anyone have any info on when it will be released. i no it is gonna be entering BETA testing really sooon.

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