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Can't Downdoad

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Activated my new membership this morning. Logged in, and atempted to download aircraft from 2004 Propellor Aircraft category. Every download link pressed results in page not found. Does anyone know what's up.

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angedan Trainee

I too registered today and am having the same problem. I too would appreciate some help here... Looks like a config problem to me...

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I vas able to download from Utilities. I was able to download the no cd crack. But was unable to download any airplanes.

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Try the downloads now guys 🙂 Let me know if you find any more 404 errors.

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Andrenaa First Officer

If you have an Internet Firewall installed on your PC, this can sometimes block certain sites if it doesn't trust them. 🙄

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Seems OK now. Can download now, only sporadic problems.
I still can't download from work where I have a big pipe to the internet. I get Java errors or just a blank page. From home with my dialup its OK.

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