Want to fly

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Want to fly the heavies for real?

Well almost ➡


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I had a look around and it said they only want current or retired commercial airline pilots Crying or Very sad

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twistedsucker First Officer

Cost: £211.91 + VAT £37.09
Total £249.00

😳 Thanks but no thanks! That much for one hour!!!!!!!! You're joking!!!!! I don't think I can actually afford this lol

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twistedsucker First Officer

Oh and by the way, it looks awesome though. 😞 Crying or Very sad

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

These things are absolutely amazing.... so realistic... I've been in a 727 version when I was 14 (a few years ago Embarassed ) and it was unbelievably real, even by 80s standards.....

The current day ones, like these A320, 737NG and 757/767 simulators must be breathtaking by now !

Jolegg - the bit about retired and current pilots is for instructional staff that there looking for, not for customers, so get yourself there!

I'm definately looking at a booking for this early next year (after the hols are paid for!).

They are expensive but when you consider it's a once in a lifetime experiance for Flight nuts like us, and also that each sim costs £10million, it's not too bad 😉


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 G P S you dont have to travel down south to have a go as you have one within walking distance.......(well nearly 😛 )


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