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😳 hello fellow csf3 pilots. i used the tracert command for this is the route that csf3 takes u to its servers. you can find it in your default folder of your game. to make a long story short after you run tracert u get a list of various routers and the latency they have to the game match servers will be in miliseconds. copy down the ip adress of the best one u see. u can then open notepad and navigate to your csf3 folder.... open the default folder and where you see in quotations... replace it with the ip adress u got from using tracert...dont forget to put it in "quotation marks" this may improve ur online far so good for me... and may help even more if u fly missions within a squad. give it a try and post ur comments here. good luck and good flying... see you on the zone,


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Punk Thanks for the tip!


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😳 follow up: keep in mind that what ip adress worked good today might be very slow tomorrow. always check it again before each game for latency. happy flying

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