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What is FTP ❓ I want to know what this FTP is so badly that it almost feels vital for me to know what it is.

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File Transfer Protocol: A standard method for sending files from one computer to another on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet. FTP is also the name of the command used to initiate transfer of files. Anonymous FTP is a common practice which permits users to access some parts of an FTP site without needing an account and password for the site. Access usually is gained by using the username "anonymous" or "ftp". By convention, the user should enter their e-mail address as the password.

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Fire transfer protocol. I use it to update and uploading things from my computer to the server for my website It's the same thing as uploading to a server but in a different way and with some kind of program. Most files from AVSIM are downloaded from FTP servers, and thats why when you're downloading, it does not show you the file size of the fill file. Hope that helped 🙂

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Arggg you posted before me, oh well Embarassed

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