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Last summer my computer kept running fast. It got really loud. I think it was because of the heat. 😕 It crashed a couple times. Any ideas on how to prevent it?

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Give your computer a good cleaning first of all. That should really help with the heat issue. Then, see if you can get a new fan in there (or if you have the money, water-cooling! =) Either way, it sounds like your computer really needs something better on the cooling-end.

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General rules of cooling are:-

1. Dust free environment inside machine

2. IDE and power cables placed as neat as possible to allow airflow from front to back of machine. Bear in mind that the airflow should have a clear run from front, over the CPU area and out the back.

3. A system fan at the front and one at the back. Front fan to draw cool air in and rear fan to remove the hot air. Fans at front and side draw cool air in and fans at rear expell so the more fans the better provided you have them turned the right way round 😀

4. As mentioned, make sure your system/case fans are the correct way around. By inserting a fan the wrong way round you will reverse the airflow. So if you had the rear fan the wrong way then you would be dragging air in via the font and back and not expelling it.

5. Upgrade the CPU cooler but only if needed. I stress only if needed because it is very easy to crack your motherboard trying to get one of these coolers off.

6. Make sure there is adequate ventilation all around your case to help the case radiate heat. If it's radiating then it's losing heat which is a good thing. This will also keep your fans clear so they can work efficiently.

Hope this helps.

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FEM's Rule for Heat Abatement: BIG ASS BOX FAN!

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Guest FEM wrote:

FEM's Rule for Heat Abatement: BIG ASS BOX FAN!


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