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Does anyone know any really good gatwick airport scenery downloads 😎 including cars/car parks, perimeter roads, proper grass and a lot more detail with different buildings? Group Wave [/code]

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deano the beano Guest

check out this site:


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I just downloaded the scenery for Gatwick that deano the beano suggested. Its very good, here are a few screenies, sorry they aren't that good 😞

Notice the firemen on the left hand side, training by putting out an aircraft fire. They are there between 12 and 1 oclock everyday 🙂

Docking Your Aircraft

As with the real Gatwick, EGKK 2004 employs the use of PAPA/AGNIS docking systems.
The PAPA board (shown on the right), will indicate how far your aircraft has to taxi before stopping
at the stand, specific to your aircraft type. The white line (fluorescent tube) will travel from right
to left as you taxi in. When the light is in line with the label for your aircraft type, you should stop.
Please note that this is only effective in cockpit view, and it very dependent on the viewpoint in
your aircraft cockpit, and so may not line up with all addon-aircraft.
The Agnis board (shown on the left) will indicate your position relative to the centreline.
If you are left of the centreline, the left side will turn red, and you should taxi towards the green light,
and vice versa. When you are on the centreline, both the lights will turn green.

At selected gates (indicated by those with
waiting pushback and baggage trucks),
the gate can be made to rise to the height
of your aircraft, while the baggage truck
and catering vehicle will move in.
Three cones will also be placed around
your aircraft, while the ground power supply
becomes extended to give the aircraft
ground power.
To use the docking system:
The docking system is split into 2 parts. The Nav 1 frequency and the Nav 2 frequency.
Here are the steps to use it:
1 - before arriving at the gate, tune the Nav 2 frequency to your aircraft type:
737 - 110.00
Tu154 - 112.00
A320/757- 113.00
747/767/777 - 114.00
2 - once you have stopped parallel to the gate, tune your Nav 1 frequency to 112.00.
Nav 1 is known as the 'trigger'. When it is set to 112.00, everything will move into place and stay
there until the frequency is changed back again.

I thought the docking procedure was a nice idea, as I havn't seen it in other addons

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SoCalRick First Officer

Very cool shots, Jon. I'm glad you took the time to post those, as this seems like something I'd enjoy as an add-on. Terrific level of detail with the docking tubes, etc. Cheers mate. 🍻

chipatty Guest

can i just ask 99jolegg,

where did u get ur gatwick scenery? because it looks outstanding and if its not freeware how much is it?

regards brandon west

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

The scenery I got for Gatwick (over a year ago) was payware I believe from:

A lik suggested earlier in this post. However, the scenery doesn't seem to be available from there any longer. Besides, I'm sure there is a lot better around now.

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