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Can someone please name any movie making software such as the windows movie make but something better with more options and preferences. It can be either payware or freeware, but i really don't care. I want a whole program just fo movie making and editing, nothing else. I will not accept programs such as flash, too complicated.

I have a movie plan in mind that might proove to be a very good one if made properly.

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There are a number of video editing programs out there ranging in allsorts
of prices
A few of the better ones are from Pinnacle,Adobe and Ulead ➡

I have used trail versions of all of the above and the Pinnacle program is probably the best and fastest at rendering raw video files.......but expensive Embarassed

A very good alternative is this all in one program from Magix ➡

I have just upgraded to the lastest version of Movie Edit Pro 2005

Very easy to use and from the one program you can input video from an external device(camcorder,vcr via a tv card)edit it and then burn to DVD or VCD or whatever
Not as fast as the above but its no slow coach either 👍

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I have always used Adobe premier 6. I have just upgraded to Pro1.5. These are both very very versatile programs. I have produced loads of films from the program. I would not recommend anything else. (This is my view)

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Thanks TTT! Very very good and useful links, thanks again! Thanks for you recommendation too flyer, I might consider buying that software 🙂

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