My future depends on your answers!

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Okay, so the subject is a little too dramatic ... So what? I would still like you to answer me!


1) I forgot if it was Avsim or Vatsim the name of the site where I found this thing called SquawkBox, or something. As far as I understood it consideres talking to real ATC people. I must say that it turned me on so much that I seriously considered buying a microphone. Now, that's where you come in! Is there any of you actually using that awesome stuff? Is there a way I could realize that I can't install/download it after buying a microphone? Is it easy to use?
Just please tell me as much as the time allows you about it because that would really mean a lot.

2) Anywhere I could find good (and preferably easy to install) Airbus A321 panels?

Thanks for the answers! (That you still didn't write) 😂

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I don't know about the A321 panels. But squawkbox is from the vatsim website. You first need to get your free membership though. There is a new sqawkbox that just came out which is very easy to use. When you have that program and a microphone, you can talk "professionally" with trained Simulator controllers, not real world. But still, it enhances your flight simulator experience a lot, and it is also a lot of fun. You can even learn to become a simulator control and control the web simulator skies from your computer. It is very worthwile. Also, a lot of countries are controlled by controllers from all over the world.
Have fun!!!!

PS: You don't even need a microphone, you can communicate with your controller by typing words in a box

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Trust me! Your reply made me feel better.

I'm just not very sure about typing. How can you find the time to both fly and type.

Anyways, this is thrillin' me so much that I'm in fact going to get a free membership right now!

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Wow, that 320 panel looks great but heres a link for an A318 that includes a virtual Cabin with a excellent Virtual cocpit [full clickable and has a bit of MCDU or FMGC].

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Thanks A LOT for the panels they are beautiful!

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