I have a complaint!

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We are not real pilots! Actually, we can't properly fly any aircraft that is not installed in FS2004 by default!

How about providing some check lists or flight manuals for at least most of the airplanes that are available for downloading here at FlyAway? Or at least more panels! I mean, how on Earth am I suppose to fly all the beautiful, breath-taking A321's without a panel? I think it's pretty stupid to fly nearly all the jets using the default 737-400 panel? I just don't enjoy it and it makes me nervous sometimes. Not to mention how it pisses me off when I download an aircraft and because I don't have the proper panel the flaps needle settles between two numbers!


Don't get me wrong, please! I'm not mad or anything and I know that this topic is not going to make any difference, but it would be nice if you just gave a comment to this.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Theres thousands of excellent panels at and flight manuals for most aircraft all around the internet, just ask or have a look 😉 I don't use the download section here, I don't find it to be the best but theres still plenty around 😀

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I agree with you. But what I really need in all aircraft are vc. 1 out of 100 aircraft in the download section have vc's lol

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But really, you shouldnt actually blame flyaway for it, ther dont make all the aircraft in the downloads section. You shoud blame the authors and the editors to actually made the aircraft 😉

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