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kneeboard crashes FS2004

quisp164 Guest

When I click on the kneeboard to scroll down on the data for a particular aircraft the Simulator crashes and I get a "Send Error Report". What is the fix?

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Must be something wrong with that aircraft. What is the aircraft and where did you get it? Or is it a default one.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

This should help.
Let us know how it works out.


Quisp164 Guest

RadarMan gets a gold star. Removing the viewmgr.exe from the registry stops the system from crashing when you click on the kneeboard scroll bar. Thank you RadarMan.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's worked every time, thanks for telling us that it did it again, that'll help others with the same problem.


Hamop Guest

GO RADARMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Removing that key from the registry ALSO worked for me! I had recently posted a question in the forum on and today one of the replies referenced me to a "GOOGLE" search for FS2004 KNEEBOARD CRASHES and THAT is what got me to "FLY AWAY" (which I joined,OF COURSE!) I had noticed the other day that trying to start a flight would crash the program. AFTER SOME "SNOOPING" IN THE PROGRAM FILES,I found that it did NOT crash on any flight that did NOT have the icon (blue IE icon) in the file folder that activated the kneeboard,for example ANY CREATED flight, ONLY the flights that were part of the original program would cause the crash. My last post on was that I had found out WHAT was crashing the program but NOT WHY!.... YOU TOOK CARE OF THAT! Actually I hope that I have killed two birds with one stone. I have ALWAYS resented the fact that AOL uses Viewpoint for tracking purposes. Simply uninstalling it doe's nothing because AOL will REINSTALL it every time you start it up. So far AOL is still working properly and the viewpoint key is still gone (even after the re-boot GOOD SIGN!!!!) Even if Viewpoint is STILL running in AOL that would piss me off BUT FS9 is more important to me. Most importantly the flights in FS-9 are working like a champ!!!!! I reinstalled the entire sim the other day trying to find this problem. Fortunately I did'nt have that many additional planes added! The solution for this problem will probably help many people,if they find it! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm very glad it worked for you also. Too bad that has to happen with AOL.
Nice to see that you joined us.
Check the deleted and junk folders for your conformation they often go directly there.


clashsoccer Guest

i cant find viewmgr.exe???? should i have it

i also cant use my kneeboard

xaxa9 Guest

Hi all,

I had the same issue, didn't have the viewmgr.exe in my programs. I was going crazy. Nothing found on this board solved my issue. Well guess what... it is now solved.

what did I do???

Well 1st i upgraded my nvidia driver (it didn't do the trick but kinda helpa little as my fs2004 screen wasn't turning completly black anymore, half black though... si didn't help that much in fact.

Then, what i did is looking thru my settings in the nvidia control manager in the toolbar. I then reset antialiasing and antisotropic or whatever you guys call that in english back to "controlled to application" and it worked just fine.. it really is this step that solved my issue...

Hope this help

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