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Hi all,

I went through the forum posts and have not come across anyone having posted a similar problem as mine. Regardless of which plane in FS9 I fly at various times my landing gear extend for no reason and sometimes the flaps will extend too. Yesterday I flew an IFR from Montreal to Boston and during the early part of the flight I was struggling to keep the gear in the up position. It would drop and I would retract the gear. As soon as it retracted the gear would drop. Then the flaps got into the skirmish. I'm using the old Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro stick which Win XP Home sp1 has a problem detecting on boot or reboot usually but eventually loads. The drivers are native XP. Could the stick be possibly causing the gear problems? This landing gear thing has become an aggravation to me and I can't believe I am the only user to experience it.


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Hi it could be your stick, have you assigned the gear up/down to a button on your stick?if so unassign it............Also it might be a dodgy "G" on your keyboard(they are cheep enough nowadays unless its wirless)and you could try calibrating it again (cant see it only affecting the gear but you never know)

As you have said WinXP does have problems with the Sidewinder (so much so Msoft have stopped making them)so no help there

Good luck let and us know how you get on or resolve this problem

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