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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I am not sure if there is sufficient serious interest in learning to repaint as the response to the existing Flyaway Repaint Forum, which in the first instance was very encouraging, seems to have 'withered on the vine'. I have been in touch with Chris, the originator of the Forum, and it would appear to be a 'repaint request forum' now, as he is snowed under with repaint demands. I am in the process of compiling a Word Doc format introduction to basic repainting with further lessons in the future. The major difference to the many good free repaint tutorials on the Net, is that I use a much simpler and cheaper photo editor, namely Serif PhotoPlus 8 which has all the options of Adobe or JASC PhotoShop but easier to use. I feel that it is the complexity (and cost) of these two pieces of software that puts many people off trying to repaint. As to price -Serif have just put out PhotoPlus 9 so Version 8 can be had on Ebay for as little as $15.
All the other software required for the lessons is readily available, free from the Net. The scheme is not yet finalised as I await permission from the Lake Island Design team to use their aircraft for this purpose. Should this be given then I hope to have the introductory lessons available to all as soon as possible. Then who knows? Someone may produce something like this -

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

what is repainting what does it let you do

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Skymuncher Trainee

Repainting is creating new repaints for virtual airplanes. For example you take the very basic 737-400 included in the sim and you repaint it with the Southwest Airlines colors...

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SoCalRick First Officer

Sure davec, sounds like a great idea for those who want to get into this fascinating niche area, as well as image editing freaks who are curious about Serif PhotoPlus. BTW, the image is a hoot! Great job there, I was tickled by that fictional repaint, lol. 😂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That sounds like a great Idea, now people can choose between which software they want to use.
Many have Adobe but some just are looking for an inexpensive way to get into painting.
Thanks for giving a choice to those who either want to paint for uploads, friends or just themselves.
We have a very talented group here.

Thanks to you and many thanks to Chris for being willing to share his Painting Forum with you. 👍


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I still have your CD DaveC, it's in the FS9 box, kept safe! 😎

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

As soon as school gets out. I'll have alot more time to do stuff like that. 😀 Got one more week. 😀

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Skymuncher wrote:

Repainting is creating new repaints for virtual airplanes. For example you take the very basic 737-400 included in the sim and you repaint it with the Southwest Airlines colors...

A very simplistic explanation of repainting - but it's nice to know that I can rely on the help of knowledgable contributions if I get stuck with the lessons.

The first lesson will be finalised in the next few days and will be a brief familiarisation exercise on Serif Photo Plus 8 as it relates to repainting.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 I have a brush in my hand,just point me in the right direction 😉


Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to delay the introduction of the lessons.
For those who are genuinely interested in learning to repaint I can be contacted at - repaint at broradotfreeserve dotcodot uk
To fool the Spambots - Just substitute the red words with the real thing

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Sorry - the above post is from DaveC - forgot to log in.

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Thanks for helping me. It's very kind of you to do this 😀

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