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Hi guys I am on a VFR tour of Britain in a Baron. I started off on the isles of scilly stopping at bodmin, dunkeswell, swansea, welshpool, caernarfon, isle of man, carlise, cambelltown.
I'm cruising at 2,500 taking in the sights and i'm stopping at smallish aerodromes to keep the land fees down.
I am not using the GPS or the FS9 map to navigate. Instead I am using 1:250,000 charts of the uk and navigating using those only, as well as rivers and roads below. and for the airfields i've got an old copy of pooleys.
I am on leg 9 at the moment. I am at Islay. here's the question.

how much fuel will I burn in a baron going from Islay to Benbecula?
Benbecula seems to be the closest aerodrome on course that has fuel.

what is the best cruise height that I should use?
what is the most efficient speed for fuel conservation on a baron?

I hope I don't end up simming

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According to the nav log under the FS9 flight planner, flying VOR to VOR, speed of 200knts, @ 4500 ft. the distance is 113.7nm, and you would burn 19.9 gal of fuel. It's pretty easy to check this out in flight planner. good luck on your trip.

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cheers, I didn't think of using the flight planner to calculate fuel consumption. I think I should just squeeze in then, I've got about 25 gallons left.

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Did you make it? Oh, I suppose you won't be answering if you didn't.

It would be interesting to put in exactly 19.9 gal. and see if you make it with any to spare or if you glide in......or worse. I never actually tried to make it on the fuel stated, I always had enough in case of those pesky "go around" orders, and of course Ultimate Traffic can leave you waiting on take-off as well.

spuddi Guest

Yeah I made it.

it was a gorgeous flight. I was flying at 5000ft the cloud base was at 4500. so i was poping in and out of the clouds. there was a beautiful sunset.

I wasn't made to go around, I just follwed a cessna in that was doing circuits and bumps. Since I have been using all the small bases traffic hasn't been too problematic.

I'm now fully fueled and well rested and off to stornaway this evening.

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