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I have a 3.0Ghrz processor and a Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card and I have detail set to high because my graphics card should be able to handle it just fine yet when I am landing or taking off I sometimes get really low FPS. The other day when i was landing I went to turn the plane a bit and it took 15 seconds before it finally updated the picture on the screen. My computer used to handle this game fine and my laptop has no problem handling this level of detail. Why would my video card be having problems with running FS now?
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You don't say how much memory you have or if your using the latest video card drivers.
I have the same card but my CPU isn't as good as yours. The higher you set some of the settings in the sim the less the FPS.
Clouds, shadows, traffic, water and scenery are the biggest users of the video cards potential.
One thing that you can try besides "playing" with your setting sliders is to see if you have too many programs running in the background. The link below will help with that.
SP2 and Norton 2005 are memory hogs.
Let us know how you are doing after trying out a few "alterations in the sim.


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Radarman gives good advice as usual..

a couple of things:

Do you have AA (anti-aliasing) turned on in the flight sim properties and if so what setting?
At any rate, it should be disabled in the sim settings and turned on in your video card properties..Start with 2 X AA..
Antialiasing hits hard at frame rates, although your setup should be able to handle it (provided you have 1024 megs. of memory)

As RadarMan said, get rid of everything while you are running the sim. Especially your antivirus scanner. You don't really need anything running while you are flying except your software firewall if you have one.

latest drivers?

clean up your drive: here's a good little program that will get rid of the crap that accumulates quickly, safely, and easily:


For any defrag program to function properly, you need about 20 % free space on the volume. Without that slack, it won't be able to re-arrange files.

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