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how to unsubscribe

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thomasla Trainee

I've tried to unsubscribe many times, and haven't found how to do so...
Could anyone help me?
I don't want to receive emails anymore (and I have selected NOT to receive the newsletter).

thanx in advance

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Andrenaa First Officer

Mmmm, when you recieve a notification email, there should be a link at the bottom that you can click on if you no longer wish to recieve emails from a certain topic.

Hope this helps you.

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thomasla Trainee

yup, I'll tell you when I receive the next announcement 😉

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thomasla Trainee

haven't seen any link in the 2 last mails....

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BEScorpion Trainee

Isn't this illegal?
I want to be removed too


Hey Guys,

I've been trying to get deleted from Fly Away for over a month. I thought it was just me until I see others who have also tried. I have no interest here, if fact, I don't even own Fllight Simulator.

I checked to be unsubscribed from the newletter but that hasn't worked either. Whatever the problem, I won't tell my friends to join Fly Away if this is their Modes Operandi.

Perhaps I will just cancel my email address and take the easy way out!

Good Luck.....

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I don't have any control over what goes on at the top but I did see that link at the bottom of the newsletter.
I wish that one letter a month was all that bothered me. I get between 50-70 pieces of spam mail in my primary e-mail every day.

Write to them here and see if that helps you.


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